JOSEKO Absorbing Ceramic Mandala Coasters Gift Set for Drinks Base w/ Holder, Home Decor for Cups/Candles

JOSEKO Absorbing Ceramic Mandala Coasters Gift Set for Drinks Base w/ Holder, Home Decor for Cups/Candles

Beautiful and practical ceramic coaster set.
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So do you have any experience of being embarrassed and having no topic to talk about?

Have you worried about that cans, bottles, dark coffee stains and glasses ruining your fine furniture or tabletops?

Did you frustrated about that one drink spill on wood surfaces left damaging water rings that destroy your furniture?

STRONG WATER ABSORPTION CERAMIC - Made from Stone Absorbent Ceramic with Natural Authentic Cork Base. Coaster upper layer is absorbent ceramic with decorative transfer print, which absorbs ability better than normal Silicone coaster to keep your table dry. The back of the coaster is cork to prevent table from scratched and worn. And also provide additional gripping to the land, tightly stick to the desktop, easily handles bumps.

BEAUTIFUL DECORATION - Coasters with 8 different mandala pattern / 6 different woodgrain pattern / 6 different letter pattern which are frosted glaze on the surface, keep the pattern bright, beautiful and creative. Thick cork coasters base great for drinks hot or cold. These classic natural coasters for drinks are the preferred pick among professional bartenders, everyday families, also the perfect decoration for parties.

CONVENIENT FOR STORAGE -You don't need to carry coasters placed everywhere. When not in use, you can put them directly in the holder, which will make your house cleaner.

SUITABLE SIZE & EASY TO CLEAN - The absorb ability of this thicker bigger 4 inches in diameter better than normal silicone, leather coaster. Can absorb drops, spills and condensation to protect your furniture, tabletops & countertops and wooden table. Easy to clean, just rinse it by water. More convenient to clean than silicone coaster.

COME WITH A COASTERS HOLDER - It is made by black iron and will storage your coasters and save the space. Save time to constantly tidy up that pile of coasters. Neatly stack your coasters in this sleek coaster holder when not in use.

PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Great idea for gifts for friends' birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and other housewarming gift.


1 x Absorbing Ceramic Coasters Gift Set
Mandala Set: 8PCS
Woodgrain Set: 6PCS
Letter Set: 6PCS

Customer Reviews
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Candice Albrecht
Nice coasters and I love the colors! They are amazing!


Candice Albrecht
Nice coasters and I love the colors! They are amazing!
Bright and pretty
I have had a lot of different stone coasters like these but these are prettier and brighter than all of the rest of them. Maybe the others just got faded over time?The only thing not to like is when glass is too sweaty and the stone doesn't absorb quickly enough. Not really its fault though.
Natalie Thomas
Great and beautiful coaster set
Beautiful colored coasters! Each one is different! Great stone material for use as a coaster. Very practical and work wonderfully!
Shawn D.
Pretty designs, bad presentation
I ordered these for a gift for someone's new apartment. I loved the designs and colors and thought they would make a great gift that would last and might actually be used.Upon arrival, the box was packaged in plain brown cardboard. This made for a horrible presentation. It would be nice if some of the photos on the page were used on the packaging. For about the same price (a few dollars less in fact) you can get more high quality coasters from some of the big bedroom/bathroom box stores.The coasters were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. While I didn't like the excessive use of plastic, I thought this was a great way to prevent damage during shipping. Unfortunately, as I inspected each coaster I found that one was chipped despite being inside the bubble wrap. This was disappointing as I did not want to gift a broken coaster. Fortunately Iit appeared to be chipped in one piece, so with the help of some superglue I was able to glue the piece in place. Hopefully it won't be noticed over time. I did check out the reviews online to see this appears to be a common complaint from other reviewers. Also, I noticed that the ceramic design on the top of the coaster is but a thin layer. This makes me concerned that these will chip with standard use. I mean, if they chipped in transit while wrapped in bubble wrap inisde of a cardboard box I can only imagine what will happen when someone places a glass down on them too forcefully. That chipped coasters is a common complaint among reviewers is also a concern.The designs are nice, but not always properly centered on the coasater. This gives them a sort of cheap, mass produced look, which is not what I was hoping for. That said, they do look nice when placed in the simple black metal base/holder. This leaves a certain artsy vibe which is what I was hoping for.The cork backing is great, as it helps rest gently on the coffee table and doesn't slip around.Most importantly, the coasters actually absorb the sweat from a cold class, despite the ceramic-like top layer.In fairness, because these were a gift and I was pressed for time, I didn't reach out to Amazon or the seller about the chipped piece. I just glued it together and hoped for the best. So I'm unable to assess the seller's response to a damaged product.On balance, because of the chipped coaster, the lack of symmetry, the flimsy top layer and the fact you can find less expensive coasters that do not look as cheap at commercial stores I gave these 3 stars. They certainly work, and many people might not even notice that the designs are not all centered on the coasters, but for me presentation matters and I felt these, while acceptable, fell short of expectations.
Vibrant and beautiful
These coaster add a pop of color to the living room! Every one is different. The colors are bright and the designs are clear and crisp on them. The top is stone and the underside is a cork that will protect the table and absorb any moisture that might escape on the side. They came in a cute iron holder but mine was damaged. You can see in the picture it had broken clean through. It was disappointing as I wanted to store them in the iron stand when not in use. However they will still be nice displayed and ready to use on the table. I am happy with these coasters. Fun designs. Definitely a BOHO feel!
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